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Waltz Instruction
Waltz Instruction

We're second cousins to a number of american dance styles with long traditions, but we aren't english country, or contra, square, or round dancers, who mostly do choreographed dances; we aren't vintage dancers who wear costumes and perform to rigorous historical standards; we aren't Arthur Murray style dancers, with a precise set standard for the closed couple dance frame and posture. You could think of us as folk-waltzers, except that we play with antique styles, strongly from the Romantic Era, to dance to a wide international selection of modern music, and we aren't such dedicated historians we don't find an occasional argentine tango, swing, hustle or latin number tasty.

Instructive web sites:

Flash Dance - Our dances bear some resemblance to St. Louis' outdoor waltzes.

Cross-step Waltz Mixer - we mostly do improvised partner dancing, but are fond of this sequence dance from Stanford, as is the case with several other cities where they dance like we do.

A wee tad of history:
Library of Congress Dance Manual Collection

Some efforts by the vintage folks to show us how it used to be done:
Library of Congress Historical Video Clips
Social Daunce Irregulars

These links are a bit more appropriate for modern ballroom dancers than for us, but they have their merits:
Much Ado About Ballroom Dancing